Wire Forming on Fourslides

Hamond Industries Ltd - the Slide Forming Specialists

Hamond is a leading outsource manufacturer of medium to high volume small custom formed metal parts. We aim to be your premier source for custom complex wire forms.

We can manufacture parts from any metal available in wire form, using a special process called slide forming. The first slide forming machines were explicitly designed to be wire forming machines. More modern slide forming machines, which also include coil or strip metal capabilities, remain an extremely cost-effective way to form wire.

The more advanced second generation machines we use have integrated press sections. So we can do things like flatten a section of the wire, make wire/strip hybrids and put stamped features like holes, bosses and weld projections into the flattened section.

With our sophisticated machines, we can make all sorts of interesting wire parts.

Hamond Sample Wire Parts Pictures

About Slide Forming

Slide forming machines are specialized presses built from the ground up to do complex stampings with speed, accuracy, repeatability, economy and ease. Tooling cost is low even in the face of significant part complexity. Slide forming machines go under several other names, including four slides, vertislides or multi-slides. If you're new to slide forming, learn more about it here .