Stocked Parts - Belt Clips, Case Clips, Hog Rings and Clothes Line Clips

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We maintain stock on a number of popular products, available for immediate shipment:

Hamond makes all these things and more. Unlike the majority of our parts, these parts are not custom and not specific to one customer. We make them and stock them for multiple customers. Click on the pictures below to learn more about the parts.

Clothes Line Clips "CC76"

Case Clips

Hog Rings

Belt Clips


Case Clips

Hog Rings

A belt clip - used to fasten cell phones, pagers, garage door openers, optical or equipment cases to belts, automotive visors, shirt pockets and so forth.

Clothes Line Clips. Most often used to join the ends of outdoor clothes lines together, can be used for a wide variety of light duty wire or rope joining operations. Most often used as the stiffening spring for optical cases, can also be used as a belt clip or a visor clip. Often used for attaching seat covers, can be used to attach many things one to another. Other applications include fence or mesh construction or mending, closing or securing the ends of ropes, sausages, etc. Belt clips hand tools on your belt. These come with a convenient screw mounting hole and are made from tough, spring stainless steel, so they'll never rust, never lose their holding force.

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