Fourslide Slide Forming Advantages for stamped metal parts

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Slide forming is a highly sophisticated metal stamping process. Slide forming machines are specialized, integrated stamping and forming machines built from the ground up to do complex stampings well. They are suited to smaller parts (smaller than a breadbox, say) rather than larger ones. Within the range they can handle, they offer the following advantages:

Slide forming is especially well suited to parts that require:

In certain applications, the following attributes of slide forming become important:

Economical use of materials
important for expensive materials
Modular tooling
important for "family" parts, because much of the tooling can be shared amongst family members
High production rates
our fastest, smallest machines are capable of approximately 30 million small parts per year from a single set of tools. For larger parts, our bigger machines are capable of 20 million parts per year.

Applications that use slide formed parts include (but are not limited to):

Why does Slide Forming offer these advantages?

Slide forming machines contain, as an integrated solution on one machine bed, several components:

Animation of a fourslide Slide Forming Machine

(the picture to the right above shows the form section of one of our machines. Hover your mouse over the picture for a fuller explanation)

Because these components are all:

we can achieve significantly higher accuracy and closer timing than most other metal forming processes.

Slide forming machines go under several other names, including four slides, vertislides or multi-slides.

We run slide forming machines made by Torin and U.S. Baird. Torin used to be called Torrington, so early Torin machines may have that name on their boilerplate. Other manufacturers making similar machines include Bihler, Nilsen & OMCG.

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