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Examples and Case Studies in Slide Forming. Stamping, Forming and Tapping

Metal Clips, Case Clips, Belt Clips, Jaw Clamps, Metal Clamps and other formed Springs made using Slide Forming technology

Common Thread Sizes - Part of the Tapped Hole Tutorial

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Making Formed Sleeves and Bushings using Slide Forming

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Reducing part count or product complexity by incorporating tapped or threaded holes into your design

Tapped Hole Tutorial - how to design for and specify tapped holes

Applications of Slide Formed Parts - Appliance, Furniture, Cookware, Electrical, Hardware, Automotive

Value Added Services - Design for Manufacture, Post Processing, Warehousing, JIT, Stocking Agreements, KANBAN, Lean Manufact

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Slide Forming Compare and Contrast

Fourslide Slide Forming Advantages for stamped metal parts

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Stocked Parts - Optical Case Clips, Hog Rings and Clothes Line Clips - Hamond Industries

Hog Rings for seat covers, fencing, netting, mesh and other fastening jobs

Clothes Line Clips - CC76 - Hamond Industries

Case Clips - spring clips for optical cases and other case applications - Hamond Industries

Wire Forming on Fourslides - Hamond Industries

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