Short Run, Medium Run, Long Run Metal Stampings

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Short Run, Medium Run, Long Run Metal Stampings

Over the years, we've made a number of innovations to extend the range of our machines, and we can now offer the following:

Medium to Long run uses expensive tool steels throughout the tooling, very accurate delivery techniques, one design discipline and dedicated tools on the fastest machines. High production rates will be achieved after a run-in period, because the operators will study the job, find the best lubricants for the job, fine tune the cam motions, etc. Depending on material type and volume, a continuous supply chain for raw material incoming and post processing may be built and managed. Spare parts will be made and stocked to minimize downtime. Tools of this class can easily cost $5,000-$20,000, depending on annual volume, program life and part complexity. At the low end of the range, substitution of less expensive tool steels may occur in select places, and fewer spare parts will be made. Some common elements will be shared.

Short Run tooling uses reusable, common, shared components wherever possible in the design to reduce the tool design and build time. There may occasionally be scheduling conflicts because the shared tooling is in use elsewhere, but for these low volumes, that's usually not an issue. The unique (non-shared) components will be made out of faster-to-work but "softer" tool steels. If a set of tools, originally built for short run, is later used for longer runs, it will wear quickly and need replacement when it has made about 5 times the original annual usage. Tooling in this class can cost between $2,500 and $10,000, depending on part complexity. The tooling price is lower than for Medium/Long run, but the part price may be higher.

Prototype and Near Prototype these quantities use hybrid techniques and it's often hard to generalize. Every case in this category is unique.