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Hamond Industries Ltd - the Slide Forming Specialists

Hamond is a leading outsource manufacturer of medium to high volume high precision small stamped, formed and/or tapped metal parts. We aim to be your premier source for custom metal stampings.

Our principal manufacturing process is slide forming, a highly specialized precision metal stamping and forming process.

If fourslides and slide forming aren't familiar to you, don't be surprised. You're not alone. Check out our What is a Fourslide? page for more information.

For many parts, this relatively unknown process is the best process for the job. We have dedicated a number of pages to explaining this process in more detail. We also have a handy checklist to help you decide if slide forming is the right process for your job

We can manufacture parts from any metal commercially available in coil or wire form. Typical parts we would make are from 1/2 to 11 inches long, from 0.5 to 2.5" wide, and from 0.010" to 0.066" thick. Under the right circumstances, we can also go outside these limits.

We're located a few short blocks from 3 major highways (427, 401, Queen Elizabeth Way), in the west end of Toronto, Canada. From here we can ship to anywhere in North America. We have 2 truck level docks and a drive-in bay. Shipping access is never a problem.

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In addition to our core service of making slide formed parts, we also .

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