Hog Rings

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Hog Rings are used for a variety of fastening applications. They are also sometimes called crimp rings or shoat rings.

Hog Rings - once actually used for hogs, but more frequently these days for fastening applications.

We stock several sizes made from ordinary low-carbon steel. We can also make hog rings to order in other sizes and from other materials. Obviously, the lead time is longer in this case.

Hog Rings got their funny name because, years ago, they actually crimped such a ring into the noses or ears of hogs, the better to attach a rope and lead the hog around.

While relatively few are used these days for actual hogs, hog rings are still used in a wide variety of applications, such as:

In the industry, hog rings are sold by the pound rather than by the piece. We stock 2 specific sizes of hog rings, 3/4" (minimum order quantity 50 pounds - about 23,800 rings) and 7/8" (minimum order quantity 20 pounds - about 8,000 rings), made out of low-carbon steel wire. Lead times are low if this is what you require.

We are currently looking at alternate packaging arrangements so that we could sell these in smaller quantities. Please contact our salesman for more information.

If your requirements are for a different size or a different material, we can make them for you to order. Lead times will depend on material.

As a custom shop, we can make parts for you in practically any size wire up to 0.090" diameter. We can also make a different shape, for instance, the leg length can be in a different ratio to the "back" length.

The material can be any commercially available wire, for instance:

If you wish to purchase these parts, or have any questions about them,

Any way, we'll get back to you shortly.

Hamond Industries is a manufacturer of small custom stamped and formed metal parts. Although we specialize in custom parts, we do manufacture a certain number of "stock" parts. These hog rings are one such product.