Clothes Line Clips - "CC76"

Hamond Industries Ltd - the Slide Forming Specialists

CC76s are used to join two strands of wire, rope or plastic coated wire together. These are commonly used for outdoor clothes lines, but could in fact be used to join two strands in other applications as well. The two strands are inserted into the two lobes and then crimped closed.


These parts are boxed 8,000 to the box. A box weighs approximately 30 pounds. We are continuously producing the common variation, made from low-carbon steel and zinc plated, and can ship most orders up to several hundred thousand immediately from stock. We can also produce the part from other materials, make it in different sizes and plate it differently. These variations are, of course, subject to material and post-processing lead times.

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* Because the crimping is done by the end user, we cannot predict how strong such a join will be. It is the responsibility of the user to determine if these parts meet their needs.

Hamond Industries is a manufacturer of small custom stamped and formed metal parts. Although we specialize in custom parts, we do manufacture a certain number of "stock" parts. These clothesline clips are one such product.