Case Clips

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We have been making case clips for many years. They are mostly used as the spring clip in soft style eyeglass cases. In this application, they are inserted between 2 layers of leather, forming a spring-reinforced strap.

Case Clips - mostly used to hold optical cases in people's pockets, but also as belt clips and in other applications needing a spring reinforcing clip

For eyeglass cases, the clip goes over the edge of a shirt pocket. But they could as easily go over a belt, a pants pocket, an automotive sunvisor, a clipboard or a pocket in your favorite recliner chair. The list goes on. They can be used to hold a cell phone, a garage door opener, a personal organizer, a channel changer, a tape measure ... you see, the possibilities are endless.

If you want this exact clip, we keep them in stock for the optical case industry.

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If you want a similar clip, but not this exact clip, we don't stock it but can make it for you. Again, please contact us as above.

Hamond Industries is a manufacturer of small custom stamped and formed metal parts. Although we specialize in custom parts, we do manufacture a certain number of "stock" parts. These case clips are one such product.