Buyer Assistant - Helping you find the right metal process

Hamond Industries Ltd - the Slide Forming Specialists

Our buyers assistant will help you determine if Hamond is the right supplier with the right metal process for you. If we are, great! Give us a call or fill out our handy quoting form and we'll get back to you shortly with a quote. If not, this page may help you find other suppliers who run the right machinery and the right process.

So here's the scenario: You are a buyer or purchasing agent responsible for metal parts or components. One of the engineers from your company gave you a drawing, and said "get me a quote on this". Now what?

Determining the Appropriate Process

  1. a schematic representation of a coil spring - one of the things we cannot make with our machinesDoes the part look like a coil? Does it have more than one complete turn in it? Coil springs are their own specialty. Here is a search engine sponsored by our professional association (the PMA) primed to show you Spring Coilers . If you do find someone to make your part, tell them Hamond sent you. You might want to check out our Drawing Completeness page before you send the quote off
  2. Is the part totally flat? Flat press work is also a specialty. Here's that same search engine primed to show you stamping houses . Again, tell them Hamond sent you. Check out our Drawing Completeness page.
  3. a deep drawn pot - another thing we can't make with our machinesIs the part concave everywhere, like a sea-shell, a motor housing, a frying pan, a sauce pan? These shapes are done by a process called deep drawing. Deep drawing is another specialty. Use this link "regular stamping" houses , but look for shops with a large range of press sizes. Deep drawing often requires a large amount of force. Some surprising deep-drawn shapes are lipstick tubes and coke cans. Check out our Drawing Completeness page.
  4. Are you still with us? If it's not a coil spring, not a flat part, not deep drawn, there's an excellent chance we can make it! But just to be safe, let's check a few more things:
    1. What's the annual quantity? We generally aren't cost effective under about 10,000 EAU. But if there's something special about your part - requirement for high accuracy, expensive material - get a quote from us anyways - we might be cost effective.
    2. Check the material thickness. If it's under 0.064", there's a good chance we can make it. Get a quote from us. If it's over 0.064", we may be able to make it, depending on material type, hardness, etc. Over about 0.100", we won't be able to make it, even in really soft metals.
    3. Check the material width. For the types of complex parts we specialize in, calculating this is sometimes hard. If it's too hard, let us do the calculations. Just so you know, we can't make parts over 2.5" wide.
    If you got this far, it sounds like a pretty fair chance we can make the part for you. Fill out a quote form and we'll get back to you. And check out our Drawing Completeness page to make sure your drawing and specifications are complete.