Value Added Services

Hamond Industries Ltd - the Slide Forming Specialists

In addition to making stamped parts, we offer the following additional services:

Before Manufacture

Either before or during the quoting process, we can work with you to improve your drawing or your design. We are not designers in your field, but we do have talented draftspeople and designers who understand drawing clarity and design for manufacture issues.

Design for Manufacture

Get us involved during the design stage and take advantage of our experience. Our extensive knowledge can often help you reduce part cost, part count or assembly operations, all leading to greater manufacturing savings for you.

We are specialized in our process rather than in any particular industry, so we do not know about safety or other requirements of your industry. However, we can and regularly do work with the design engineers of our customers to refine their design to make parts easier to manufacture.

As Part of Manufacture

We can provide pre-coating, pre-plating, tapping, post-plating, heat treating, degreasing, deburring and most other services normally associated with stamping. We can also, under a suitable agreement and for suitable materials, provide advance procurement services.

In-House Post Processing Services

Outsourced Post Processing Services

Hamond can incorporate inspections to your specifications into our setup and running plan. Depending on frequency, equipment needed and other variables, these may be included in the cost or may be extra cost.

We can also build checking fixtures (sometimes called go-nogo gauges) that our staff will use to check complicated or hard-to-measure geometry. We recommend any such fixtures be duplicated, with one set residing with us and one set with your incoming inspectors, both using the same set of instructions, so uniformity of method is ensured.

After Manufacture

Our warehousing, shipping and billing procedures can be adapted to your needs.


For many customers, there is a significant cost savings to running a large quantity (for instance, 6 months worth) of parts at once. Of course, this assumes that the part design is “tried and true”. Some people wish to take advantage of this pricing, but don’t want to take all the parts at once. For a small fee, we will gladly run a quantity of your product and keep it here in our warehouse for you. Of course, you must take all of the product within the allotted time.

JIT, Stocking Agreements, Kanban, Lean Manufacturing, etc.

All of these are models for stocking arrangements. Each different method attempts to ensure adequate stock at acceptable risk.

In each of these plans, not only are the technical issues of manufacturing outsourced to the supplier, but also the issues of warehousing, scheduling, and lead time management. This is fine and we are quite happy and prepared to work with you, provided the information to drive the decisions is also transferred to us.

There are various ways to do this, and we can work with you to set up the balance between cost and risk that makes you comfortable. The terms of the specific agreement must be arranged ahead of time so we know when we can order raw materials, etc. We have considerable experience operating in this way and are eager to discuss your individual requirements.

Credit Terms

Our standard credit terms are .5% 10 days, net 30. We will gladly quote other terms at a different cost.