Applications of Slide Formed Parts

Hamond Industries Ltd - the Slide Forming Specialists

Slide formed parts can be used in all these applications and many more. The list is limited only by your imagination.

Application Area

Typical Components

Home Appliance

  • electrical contacts, connectors & tapped terminals
  • mechanical supports
  • mounting brackets

Office Furniture

  • fixturing and fastening
  • mechanical joiners and fasteners

Home Furniture

  • assembly and fixturing aids for kit furniture


  • fixturing
  • fastening
  • cosmetic
  • heat-shielding guards for handles

Electrical Power Distribution

  • contacts for contact arrays, both signal and power level
  • tapped terminals
  • meter jaws
  • formed conductors
  • components for safety lockout devices
  • power switch components

Electrical Lighting

  • formed conductors for lamp bases
  • fastening components for potted lamp bowls


  • formed conductors for battery contacts
  • formed tips for soldering guns
  • Wire "pre-forms"

Construction Tools

  • end hooks for tape measures
  • belt clips for at-the-ready portable tools

Optical Cases,
Instrument Cases

  • clips to hold cases in pockets, on belts, on visors, etc

Door and Window Hardware

  • formed flat-spring glides for sliding doors & windows
  • formed punched channels

Other Hardware

  • outdoor clothes line fasteners


  • electrical contacts, connectors & tapped terminals
  • mechanical supports
  • split bushings