Tapped Parts

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Some Sample Tapped Parts

One of the most interesting design changes we can suggest, both technically and financially, is tapping. If your current design involves a screw, a captured or entrained nut and an assembly process, you really want to know about our tapping abilities.

If you currently use a formed or stamped part with a nut behind it, we can put threads right in the formed part, cutting down on your part count, inventory and assembly costs.

We do our tapping right on our machines, so every part is tapped, and every thread is good. This cuts down on your scrapping or reworking costs.

Tapper Detail

For almost all materials, we use roll taps rather than cutting taps. The advantages of roll taps are:

  • no annoying metal chips or swarf cluttering up your finished parts. Swarf is sharp and can hurt your assembly people. It can also jam the threads, costing time to rework. And it's even worse if your parts are going to be plated after manufacture.
  • thread quality is better with roll taps than cutting taps.

Roll taps are more expensive than cutting taps. They do more work and generate more heat. This means they wear out quickly if they aren't properly cooled. That's why many people don't use them. An exclusive, Hamond designed cooling system allows us to minimize tap wear and produce good threads longer.

All of this amounts to a lower cost, trouble free part for you.

We can make most standard American and metric screw threads. Here's a list of common screw sizes . The larger threads cost a bit more because we have to slow the machines down. If you ask for a screw thread we don't already make, there may be an additional lead time getting the correct hardware modules.

We can make multiple tapped holes in your part (subject to some spacing constraints). We can also tap after forming, which means we can tap very close to a fold line without thread distortion. We can also tap through 2 material thicknesses.

If you want to know more about tapped hole specifications and designing for tapped holes, see A Tiny Tutorial on Tapped Holes

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