Drawing Completeness

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Helping you ensure that your part print is complete

A clear drawing and clear specifications will help us do the best possible job when quoting.

Drawing Clarity

  1. Look carefully at the drawing. Is all the text writing clear and legible? Transmission will not improve it and might make it worse. Try to get a more clear copy.
  2. If you will be sending the drawing by FAX, check that your FAX machine is set for high quality faxes. Most machines by default send documents at a medium quality setting, more suitable for typed documents than fine line drawings. It's slightly more expensive when the FAX is set for high quality, but cheaper than resending it.

Documentation Completeness

  1. On the part drawing, there should be specifications for
    • the type of material
    • the grade of material (look for letter groups like SAE or AISI followed by a number)
    • material temper
    • material thickness
    • any necessary heat treating or coating
    • if the part is to be heat treated, to what hardness?
    • if the part is to be coated, to what thickness?
    If those specifications aren't on the drawing or elsewhere in the documentation, it's going to be hard for us (or anyone else) to quote the drawing accurately. Get the complete story from your designer before you set out on this journey.
  2. The drawing should make clear (usually in a note)
    • the units of measure (inches, meters, mm, cm, etc)
    • the default tolerances (for dimensions that don't give explicit tolerances). Tolerances usually look something like this .xx=±0.05. There are usually 2 or 3 plus an angular tolerance.
  3. Now you need some accurate usage quantities. Most stamping prices are very sensitive to quantity. Usually, the most important is annual quantity or EAU - estimated annual usage. That's because our material suppliers charge us a price highly dependent on quantity. The more accurate the annual usage number, the better quote you'll get. Some stampers will also want to know shipment or release quantity.