Examples and Case Studies

Hamond Industries Ltd - the Slide Forming Specialists

Hamond is a custom manufacturer of small stamped metal parts formed and optionally tapped on fourslides. Because we are a custom stamping shop, we don't have a product line or catalogue to show you. Instead, here are some examples of parts we have made for our customers.

An electrical contact - this one was used as a power transfer contact for a smoke detector, allowing the smoke detector "head" to be powered by building power and still mounted in a bayonet mount and thereby easily replaceable by maintainance staff. Similar clips could be used as battery contacts or shorting contacts. Electrical Contacts and Conductors custom screw terminals with and without weld points, shorting contacts, grounding contacts, battery contacts, formed connectors and connecting wires

A belt clip - this one was used to fasten a tape measure to a belt, but similar parts are used to fasten cell phones, pagers, garage door openers, optical or equipment cases to belts, automotive visors, shirt pockets and so forth.Clips for eyeglass cases, tape measures, access panels, circuit breakers, office furniture

A formed bushing - also sometimes called a sleeve - one of dozens of similar shapes used for lining the insides or the outsides of shafts, pot handles, anchor bolts, BX cable, etc. Can also be used as a harder bushing inside a softer casting or plastic molded component.Formed Sleeves and Bushings for Cookware, Shaft Bushings, Anchor Bolt Sheaths

A tapped or threaded part - this one is made of copper, but we can form threads in most metals.  The biggest use of our threaded parts is for electrical and/or mechanical fixturing. This part is used in an electrical junction box. We can now put several threaded holes in a part.Tapped or Threaded Holes for electrical connection and mechanical fastening

If you prefer, here's a photo gallery of parts we've made, not particularly sorted by application. If you prefer, here's a powerpoint presentation.

Does any of this look like something you need? Give us a call or fill out our handy quoting form and we'll get back to you shortly.